Reasons To Study Dentistry

Many people wonder why studying a career in dentistry is a good option. Although it is a vocational career, it is also a good professional option and if you decide to opt for it you will discover the benefits of studying this degree.

Reasons To Study Dentistry

The first thing you should know is that a dentist is a professional who develops different tasks, mainly clinical ones, ranging from patient care to rehabilitation, through the study of the teeth and the treatment of many ailments that may appear in them. . Therefore, we can say that a dentist is trained to diagnose, treat or prevent diseases in the mouth. Besides, today other administrative, research, or teaching tasks are added to their tasks.

Indeed, everything related to the mouth affects two important areas:

on the one hand, to health.

and, on the other hand, aesthetics.

Concern for the aesthetic effect that any dental problem can have weighs heavily on clients’ decisions in this area.

It is a reality that is perfectly reflected in this phrase by Joseph Heller:

We indeed choose to laugh in almost all situations, except the occasional visit to the dentist

Dental health is an important factor because it can have a major impact on other areas of health.

A toothache can cause earaches and headaches that are very bothersome.

Therefore, it is a sector of activity that will always have a significant demand in the population.

Some Of The Most Important Arguments To Consider When Studying Dentistry Are Summarized Here  :

– Best Areas To Study Dentistry

According to studies carried out at an international level and according to a ranking of the best schools to study dentistry, the best is in Madrid. The Complutense University of Madrid is the center with the highest reputation for quality in studies leading to dentistry.

– Areas With The Highest Demand

In Spain, there are areas with a higher demand for dental studies. These are the areas of Catalonia, Madrid, and Andalusia.

In the case of the  University of Barcelona, it is the one that offers the greatest number of places in this specialty, which is 120.

On the other hand, it is followed by the  Complutense University of Madrid and the  University of Seville.

For anyone who wants to specialize in this discipline, attending one of these universities is an opportunity to obtain a place.

However, it should be borne in mind that in these areas there are also dental training centers that offer all the necessary postgraduate and master’s degrees that offer quality guarantees.

– Ability To Generate Employment

As noted above, dental training offers significant job opportunities, because it is an area where there is constant and growing demand.

Based on figures and statistics, and according to one of the best-known centers, the Madrid College of Dentists, two-thirds of professionals in this field are working in their specialty.

It can be stated that the employability rate in this area is 65%.

 – Possibilities Of Income

When studying dentistry it is important to take into account the average salary that a dental specialist can earn.

In this sense, it should be noted that the  Labor Market reports highlight that the average salary of a graduate in Dentistry is 18,000 euros per year.

However, it is a starting salary that increases as experience and knowledge are acquired.

There are different possible specializations that dentists can develop and that can directly influence the salary that can finally be obtained.

The professionals who are better paid in this sector are the orthodontists who can reach 43,000 euros a year.

– Main Career Opportunities

Another aspect that can make the study of dentistry as a profession highly recommended is the professional opportunities of this training.

Dental professionals can carry out their activities on their own by developing their own business. This is one of the most common things that recent graduates often choose.

However, some prefer greater security and work for someone else in a consolidated dental clinic or center.

However, the dental industry can offer many more career opportunities for graduates.


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