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Experience total relaxation during your appointment (without sedation)

We make every effort to understand your individual needs in order to ensure your comfort at our office. We have helped many of our patients overcome dental anxiety because we believe that having compassion and patience builds a foundation for mutual trust.  Our trust in one another allows for the best possible clinical outcome as well as establishing personalized goals to maintain long-lasting oral and overall health. NuCalm relaxation is one way our patients can relax and ease their stress during dental procedures.

What is NuCalm?

NuCalm is an all-natural stress intervention technology. NuCalm scientifically sequences four relaxation therapies to mimic your body’s own process for ‘winding down’ and preparing for sleep. You will feel the same way you feel just as you are about to fall asleep, and will not feel groggy. It won't make you fall asleep, but you might just feel relaxed enough to nap during your visit!

The benefits often go beyond your visit. Most users report feeling better after their appointment than before they came in and many have a more restful sleep the night following their appointment.

What to Expect

It's as simple as listening to relaxing music. You will feel completely normal, just as relaxed as you are about to sleep. You’ll be able to think, hear and talk to us as needed without impairment. NuCalm helps to relieve everyday stress and anxiety. That’s why it’s been so beneficial in dentistry.  When your appointment is finished you can drive yourself home and resume your normal activities.  In fact, over 850,000 dental patients across five continents have experienced NuCalm and 97% say they would recommend it to family and friends.

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