Dental career plan

Graduates who have chosen to study dentistry should know what to expect from this degree.

As general data to take into account, the dentistry career lasts 5 years and involves taking a total of 300 credits at the university level.

The University with the highest cut-off mark is Salamanca.

Although it is a career in the field of health, dentistry has many subject areas in common with medicine and occupies a very specific part of it.

Some of the knowledge that is necessary to acquire to become a dentist is pharmacy knowledge.

Dental career plan

It is training that includes knowledge that allows dealing with emergencies, as well as doing basic primary treatments.

In the course of the dentistry career, professionals must know all the pathologies related to the mouth in general, not only the teeth.

Therefore, studying dentistry implies knowledge of basic aspects of pharmacy, to identify the drugs that may be necessary to apply to a certain problem.

It is a training that covers many branches and with a marked multidisciplinary character.

Regarding the requirements that must be met to study dentistry, it must be taken into account that a high cut-off mark must be obtained. It must come from specialties linked to science and biology and a high capacity for the study is necessary.

It must be borne in mind that it is a complex career and one that must be spent a lot of time if you want to obtain positive results.

Main Specialties In Dentistry

Within the dentistry career, there are various specialization options, which makes the study of this career and this profession even more interesting. Some of the possible specialties in this profession are listed here:


It is the most general branch and studies the advice and treatment necessary to improve oral health in general. It provides the knowledge so that guidelines can be given to maintain the dental health of the population and attend to the cure of the main infections.


It is professional training to face situations that require treatment of edentulism and perform the necessary implantology treatments.

Orthodontics: Allows professional training to face malocclusion situations with advanced orthodontic treatments.


It is a specialty focused on the study and treatment of the dental pulp.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery: it is a specialty focused on the study of all the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. Through this specialty, a large number of diseases, injuries, and defects that are concentrated in the head, neck, face, and jaws are treated. In the case of diseased teeth or cancer situations, they are also responsible for their solution.

It can be seen, therefore, that in the field of dentistry there is a great diversity of possible professional opportunities and specializations in which dentists can develop professionally.

The Career Of Dentistry

Who chooses to study dentistry has a series of relevant data that push him to choose this option. The duration of the degree is five years, which implies that those who are oral health professionals have had one more year of training than professionals in other fields.


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