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By Sandra J. Eleczko D.D.S.
February 20, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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In the past, the smile you had was the smile you kept. However, thanks to modern dental procedures, you can now choose how your smileCosmetic looks. Cosmetic dentistry’s versatility allows you to get a smile you love to help you feel great about the way you look. Find out more about cosmetic dentistry with Dr. Sandra Eleczko in Livonia, NY.

What is cosmetic dentistry? 
Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the aesthetic side of your smile.

Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Livonia, NY

  • Bonding/Contouring: Dental bonding uses tooth-colored materials molded directly onto the teeth to change their shape. Contouring fixes small imperfections of your smile.
  • Crowns and Bridges: A dental crown fits over a tooth to protect, stabilize, or change the appearance of a tooth. It can also hold a dental bridge, which replaces a missing tooth, in place with help from the surrounding healthy teeth.
  • Veneers: A dental veneer covers the surface of a tooth with a thin shell of porcelain to change its appearance. Veneers are often used during a total smile makeover.
  • Teeth Whitening: Monitored by your dentist, a professional teeth whitening treatment is significantly stronger and more effective than its at-home counterparts. The treatment lifts the color of the teeth by up to ten shades, giving your smile an instant boost.
  • Dental Implants: Dental implants replace a missing tooth. However, unlike other teeth replacement options, your dentist implants the restoration directly into the jawbone beneath your missing tooth, standing on its own and integrating into the mouth’s natural structure.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment which, rather than relying on metal brackets and wires, uses plastic aligner trays to move the teeth.

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