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Sandra J. Eleczko D.D.S.
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Livonia, NY 14487
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Sandra J. Eleczko, D.D.S. in Livonia, NY

At Dr.Sandra J. Eleczko's dental practice, we believe that a dentist and patient become a team for treating each individual’s dental needs. Dr Eleczko and her team spends  time listening to  your concerns and responding with the best treatment options for you. Our caring and compassionate staff are knowledgeable in all aspects of modern dentistry as well as having that gentle and personal touch. We help our patients relax during their appointments by using a revolutionary system called NuCalm. This is a  natural realaxtion system that does not use drugs or heavy sedatives  and allows our patients to drive home and do all of their normal activities for the rest of the day.

Cosmetic Dentist in Livonia, NY

We also want our patients to be informed about dental problems and treatment options, because informed patients make better decisions about their health and well being. Dr. Eleczko has extensive training in  treating sleep apnea and snoring, cosmetic dentistry, veneers, mini implants, Invisalign, TMJ therapy as well as preventive and children's dentisrty. The link between oral health and general health is well known. That is why we’ve included an extensive section on this web site covering the full array of topics associated with dentistry and dental diagnoses and treatments. We encourage you to look through these pages whenever you have an interest or concern about your dental needs and care.

We also know that convenience is important to your selection of a dentist. In these web pages you’ll find information about Dr Eleczko’s office,  maps, directions, hours, insurance policies and appointment scheduling. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have or to request an appointment. We hope you’ll find our practice offers the accessibility and personal commitment you look for from a dentist.

Family and Cosmetic Dentist in Livonia, NY - Sandra J. Eleczko D.D.S.

Welcome! Since 1993, Sandra J. Eleczko D.D.S. has been working with patients from the very young to our seniors to provide the best dental care for patients in Livonia, Lakeville, Conesus and Livingston County. As one of the first all women dental practice in our area, we have always attracted patients looking for a compasionate, warm, friendly atmosphere to have their dental treatment, patients who are apprehensive and fearful of dental treatment.   Our dental practice philosophy emphasises a caring and gentle approach to dental treatment.  That is one reason why we started using a revolutionary  all natural approach to help patients relax  called NUCalm.
We are dedicated to preventing cavities and creating healthy beautiful smiles for all of her patients and making their dental experience as easy as possible.

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